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Thursday, August 27, 2020

NY Times: Yale Law Prof Jed Rubenfeld Is Suspended For Two Years After Sexual Harassment Inquiry

New York Times, Yale Law Professor Is Suspended After Sexual Harassment Inquiry:

Jed Rubenfeld, a prominent professor at Yale Law School, was widely known as someone who could jump-start students’ careers by helping them secure coveted clerkships with federal judges.

But this week, another narrative about Mr. Rubenfeld’s behavior toward students burst into public view as university officials said that Yale had suspended him from the faculty for two years and would restrict his interactions with students upon his return to the campus in New Haven, Conn.

The suspension followed inquiries into allegations that Mr. Rubenfeld, a faculty member for 30 years, had sexually harassed female students, both verbally and by attempting to kiss or touch them without their consent, according to people with knowledge of the inquiries.

In an interview, Mr. Rubenfeld denied that he had harassed anyone, or kissed or touched anyone without consent. But he acknowledged making comments to students over the years that he regretted. ..

Former Yale Law School students have said that Mr. Rubenfeld, and his wife, Amy Chua, are viewed as highly influential people on campus who have deep connections in the judicial world. Ms. Chua is also a law professor at Yale and is widely known for her 2011 parenting book, “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.”

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"And yes, Jed Rosenfeld is Jewish. He is also remarkably talented in a host of fields. "

Not to pick nits, but Jed and Chua's "The Triple Play" is held up by many sociologists to be among the worst attempts at pop-sociology in the past many years.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Sep 2, 2020 10:45:53 AM

Faced to choose between being a Jewish lawyer in 1935 Germany and being an independent-minded law professor at Yale in 2020, I'd opt for the former. The Nazis would have be satisfied if I just left their country. Today's feminists and SJWs will not be happy until they'd destroyed Jed Rubenfeld life and made him an example to others.

And yes, Jed Rosenfeld is Jewish. He is also remarkably talented in a host of fields. As his oldest daughter put it, "my dad totally thrives on confrontation." That is what has done him in.

Free speech has almost virtually academia, particularly the Ivies.

Posted by: Mike Perry | Aug 28, 2020 10:51:23 AM