Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Deans Double As Donors

Karen Sloan (, Spotlight on Law Deans:

This week, I’ve got lots of news about law deans—those hard-working folks who are keeping their campuses moving forward despite the myriad challenges 2020 is throwing at them. ... Finally, I’m checking in with deans at Penn State Dickinson and Pepperdine who are opening their wallets to help students.  ...

Deans Double As Donors
... I’m checking in with Paul Caron, dean of the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law. He and his wife Courtney have donated $125,000 to the law school’s Student Emergency Fund, which is helping students pay for their emergency needs during the COVID-19 crisis. The fund, which was started several years ago by a pair of law students, has since helped more than 100 buy food and supplies, find emergency shelter, and travel home. (The Carons also donated $50,000 to the school’s scholarship fund in November.)

Caron’s not the only law dean reaching into his own pockets to help out. A few weeks ago in this very column, I wrote about Penn State Dickinson law dean Danielle Conway donating $125,000 to her law school’s emergency fund. Caron told me that he was inspired by Conway’s generosity and would like to see a movement of deans offering funds to help their students get through these tough times.

I love the idea of law deans stepping in to help—alongside alumni and other deep-pocketed supporters, of course. It’s not just about the money, though I’m sure the student beneficiaries are grateful for it. I think it sends a strong message of commitment to the students from a school’s top brass. At this point, I only know about Conway and Caron’s gift, but it’s possible that there is more of the dean philanthropy going on that I realize. Let’s hope so!

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