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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Concerned Girlfriend Goes Public With Boyfriend’s Plan To Quit Law School To Become Sports Podcaster

Legal Cheek, Concerned Girlfriend Goes Public With Boyfriend’s Plan to Quit Law School to Become Podcaster:

We’ve been together 2 years, ... and things were great until May when my boyfriend and his friends started a sports podcast. At first it was just a hobby, my boyfriend is a big podcast nerd so it was really nice to see him do something he liked so much. But then he started getting more and more invested, and stopped watching his remote classes/studying to dedicate his full time to his podcast.

He is seriously considering dropping out of law school because he “can’t concentrate on both studying and running a podcast” and he “would rather do what he loves." Which would be fine if what he loved wasn’t a 2 month old podcast with barely 30 listeners and the same content of at least a hundred other podcasts.

On top of that, his parents (who pay our rent) are threatening to cut us off if he goes through with this. He just says his parents are gonna take us in but I really don’t want to live with my parents in law and I’m an intern in a big expensive city. I can’t pay rent with my wages.

So really, how do I convince him this is the worst idea ever? I’ve tried reasoning and explaining but he really believes they’re gonna break through. They’re good, but it’s just not easy to make a living out of these things. ...

What should our intrepid podcaster do? Advice below the line…

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Depends entirely on what law school dude attends. Top 10 law school? Stick it out. Bottom 190 law school? There's a good chance the 30 listener podcast is worth more than the JD.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Aug 8, 2020 8:49:14 AM

Frankly, the guy has the right idea.

Posted by: Grumpy McGrumperson | Aug 8, 2020 9:18:51 AM

If you truly want your relationship to last, you will not make a demand of him. Instead, you need to get interested in what he is doing and become a good listener. You can get what you truly want—a happy life with him—only by doing that.

First, sit down with him and help him prepare a business plan for his business. Point out to him that this business is a wonderful thing that you want to be a success because you love him, but he needs to put together a plan that will support himself, you, and any additions to your family without his parents being the sole providers.

Then work through the business plan, point out things you might change. You can’t tell him what he must change—it is his business plan—but negotiations will work in your favor.

One of the things that should be in the business plan is a statement that goes something like “I know the business has failed to meet my needs if I don’t get revenues of ??” by a fixed date. And make sure he knows in a business plan that number is not flexible. Getting close doesn’t count, so set the number so he can live with it

Also, have a statement that goes “I know the business has succeeded if I get revenues of ???” And hope he meets that goal.

If he writes that plan, suggest that he take a leave of absence if possible—that will offer him some flexibility.

If you continue with your belief that this is your decision to make, you will soon be an ex-girlfriend. You have a choice: You make the decision and he resents it and you from now on, and brings your bad decision up every time you argue for the next 3 years; or get him to make the decision based on his business plan. You clearly don’t want the first outcome.

Posted by: Michael Kinsman | Aug 8, 2020 10:28:08 AM

Get a smarter and more reliable bf

Posted by: Kevin | Aug 8, 2020 11:06:57 PM

This sounds like a smart career move

Posted by: Mike Livingston | Aug 9, 2020 3:41:52 AM

It worked out reasonably well for Howard Cosell.

Posted by: Joseph W. Mooney | Aug 9, 2020 10:02:44 AM

Kevin nailed it.
Cosell never quit law school. He graduated from NYU after serving on law review. He started practicing law and migrated to broadcasting via relationships with clients and armed with business ideas and talent.
It is true that law school is not a ticket to success or even a robust career launch. So if boyfriend had a plausible business alternative it would be fair to consider, but this guy's podcast passion does not sound promising to me.

Posted by: Mike Petrik | Aug 10, 2020 6:23:13 AM