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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Common Mistakes In Online Teaching

Margaret Ryznar (Indiana-Indianapolis), Common Mistakes in Online Teaching:

This article explains five common mistakes in online teaching and how to fix them. To do so, this article draws on student comments coming from mid-semester surveys in an Online Trusts & Estates course, as well as focus groups on online law courses.

In sum, there are several common pitfalls to online teaching. These include over-assigning work, recording lectures that are too lengthy, not engaging in multiple formats of learning, being disorganized, and not engaging with students. These common mistakes are understandable given that professors have taught live for generations.33 Indeed, the law school Socratic method hearkens back to a philosopher who lived in ancient Greece. Nonetheless, with some planning, professors can offer a wonderful online experience for their students. This will become increasingly

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#1: Saying juicy things that get sent to Campus Reform.

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