Paul L. Caron

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Call For Papers: Conference On Law And Macroeconomics

Call for Papers - Conference on Law and Macroeconomics:

The economic devastation caused by Covid-19 triggered a slew of new research on law’s role in mediating the business cycle, economic growth, and inequality.

We welcome submissions for an online conference on October 15, 2020 that will continue to explore connections between law and the macroeconomy.

Papers may address the role of law, regulation, and institutions in:

  • Monetary policy, both conventional and unconventional, and the payments system, including the impact of new platforms and technologies;
  • Financial regulatory policy, including the effect on the business cycle and economic growth, crisis containment and resolution, access to capital and other aspects of financial inclusion;
  • Fiscal policy to reduce the depth and frequency, and mitigate the effects of economic downturns, including the respective roles of federal, state, and local governments;
  • Moderating recessions with other policy levers, including bankruptcy, contract, and property law, environmental, utility, and labor regulation, and investment and capital controls; and
  • Reducing inequality, including policies affecting labor and employment relationships, competition, access to housing, healthcare, and other public services, and personal, corporate and public debt relief.

We hope to attract submissions from both legal scholars writing about macro-relevant topics and economists writing on subjects that would benefit from legal perspectives.

Submissions from students and others not in tenure- track positions are especially welcomed—there will be a special panel for such scholarship.

We also encourage submissions from all perspectives and areas of law that may help illuminate the intersection between law and macroeconomics and inform action to mitigate the pain and uncertainty caused by the economic downturn.

Papers for consideration should be submitted on or before September 8.

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