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Saturday, August 1, 2020

140 LSAT Scores Lost Amid Tech Failure

Karen Sloan (, Ooops! LSAT Scores Lost Amid Tech Failure:

LSAT (2017)A glitch with the online version of the Law School Admission Test this month caused the answers of about 140 test takers to get lost, leaving them without a score.

The Law School Admission Council, which administers the LSAT, confirmed the problem Thursday, saying that a technical issue on the LSAT Flex—as the shorter online exam is known—prevented the answers from a “small number” of test takers from storing properly.

“We have tried multiple ways to recover the answers and are continuing to investigate the issue in hopes that we can recover answers and provide scores for at least some of the affected candidates,” reads a prepared statement from the council.

ABA Journal, Search For Lost LSAT Answers Continues; LSAC Says Those Affected Will See Exam Fee Refunded

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