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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Unsafe At Any Campus: Don’t Let Colleges Become The Next Cruise Ships, Nursing Homes, And Food Processing Plants

Peter H. Huang (Colorado) & Debra S. Austin (Denver), Unsafe at Any Campus: Don’t Let Colleges Become the Next Cruise Ships, Nursing Homes, and Food Processing Plants:, 95 Ind. L..J. Supp. ___ (2020):

The decision to educate our students via in-person or online learning environments while COVID-19 is unrestrained is a false choice, when the clear path to achieve our chief objective safely, the education of our students, can be done online. Our decision-making should be guided by the overriding principle that people matter more than money. We recognize that lost tuition revenue if students delay or defer education is an institutional concern, but we posit that many students and parents would prefer a safer online alternative to riskier in-person options, especially as we get closer to fall, and American death tolls rise. This Essay argues the extra stress of trying to maintain safety from infection with a return to campus will make teaching and learning less effective. While high density classrooms promote virus transmission and potentially super-spreader events, we can take the lessons we learned during the spring, and provide courses without the stressors of spreading the virus. We argue the socially responsible decision is to deliver compassionate, healthy, and first-rate online pedagogy, and we offer a vision of how to move forward into this brave new world. ...

Our last point is from Governor Cuomo and that is to “practice humanity. We don't talk about practicing humanity, but now if ever there is a time to practice humanity the time is now. The time is now to show some kindness, to show some compassion to people, show some gentility. … We have a problem. Yes, we will deal with it. Yes, we will overcome it. But let’s find our better selves in doing it.”

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To suggest that college campuses could turn out like nursing homes, and to invoke Gov. Cuomo to make that ridiculous, fact-free, fear-based rubbish of an argument, is morally repugnant, as we know exactly what he did to cause thousands of deaths in New York.

The article doesn't even deserve consideration. Nevertheless, I'll just point out that 99% of deaths from coronavirus deaths have been over the age of 40, and virtually all college students are under age 40.

Whatever happened to medical science?

Posted by: MM | Jul 14, 2020 7:28:49 PM

According to the CDC 1.33% of deaths are under 40 as of last week.

Posted by: Sid | Jul 14, 2020 8:28:44 PM

Sid: Pardon me for being off by a fraction of a percent.

Posted by: MM | Jul 15, 2020 6:14:41 PM

From the CDC, as of last week:

Under age 35 represents 0.85% of all coronavirus deaths. And I imagine the vast majority of those deaths involved co-morbidities. Obviously, high-risk individuals, young or old, would not be expected to be on campus in the fall.

Again, what happened to medical science?

Posted by: MM | Jul 15, 2020 6:25:15 PM