Paul L. Caron

Saturday, July 11, 2020

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

  1. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: Being Too Smart Precludes Innocent Spouse Relief
  2. New York Times, Colleges Face Rising Revolt By Professors Over Teaching On Campus In The Fall
  3. Joe Bankman (Stanford) & Dan Shaviro (NYU), Death Of Ed Kleinbard (USC)
  4. Wall Street Journal, Tax Lawyer Ed Kleinbard Reinvented Himself As A Crusading Professor
  5. Concord Monitor, UNH Law School Faculty Votes To Drop Franklin Pierce Name
  6. California Supreme Court, California Bar Exam: July September October Online?
  7. Denitsa Mavrova Heinrich (North Dakota), Cultivating Grit In Law Students
  8. Karen Sloan (, Law Schools Scramble To Retain Foreign Students Amid ICE Online Education Ban
  9. Paul Caron (Dean, Pepperdine), July 4th And Hamilton
  10. Washington Post, Black Families Pay Significantly Higher Property Taxes Than White Families, New Analysis Shows

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