Paul L. Caron

Monday, July 13, 2020

Several States Push Ahead With In-Person July Bar Exams, Despite COVID-19 Health Risks

ABA Journal, Some States Are Devoted To In-Person July Bar Exams, Despite Health Risks From COVID-19:

CoronavirusAs various states cancel in-person July bar exams because of COVID-19 concerns, others appear undecided or even committed to keeping things as is—even in places experiencing significant infection increases.

Rather than opt for an online exam or temporary diploma privilege, those states are giving test-takers the choice of postponing the exam to protect their health or assuming the risk and taking the exam [e.g., Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina]. ...

However at this point, a remote bar exam can’t offer a portable Uniform Bar Exam score, which is one reason some states hope to keep July in-person exams. The National Conference of Bar Examiners develops and produces the UBE. It will be offering an online exam in October, but it’s not comparable to the UBE and won’t offer a portable score, according to the group’s website.

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