Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Law Schools Expect 1L Enrollment To Remain Steady Despite Shift To Online Due To COVID-19

Kaplan Survey, Majority of Law Schools Predict Their Entering 2020 Class Sizes Will be the Same Size as Last Year, Despite the COVID-19 Crisis:

KaplanDespite COVID-19’s role as the ultimate disrupter across the entire U.S. education sector, a new Kaplan survey of law schools nationwide finds stability on the admissions landscape*. More than half (52 percent) of admissions officers surveyed say they believe their entering class size for fall 2020 will be about the same as their fall 2019 entering class size; 26 percent say it will be larger; and 22 percent say it will be smaller. ...

But a small increase in applications, the introduction of LSAT-Flex and the struggling economy aren’t the only factors that have convinced law schools that they will see a solid class size for 2020, the survey suggests. Two thirds (67 percent) of survey respondents say they have made their admissions requirements more flexible, which could entice fence-sitters. According to the admissions officers who answered the survey, this includes everything from extending application deadlines, to relaxing deposit requirements, to allowing prospective students to apply using their unofficial LSAT scores. But one area where law schools remain rigid, according to the survey: the standardized test requirement. All but one school surveyed say they are unlikely to allow applicants to waive submitting LSAT or GRE® scores.

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