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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Colleges Face Historic Summer Admissions Melt Of 25% Or More, With Higher Rates For Students Of Color

Chronicle of Higher Education, This May Be The Worst Season Of Summer Melt In Memory. Here's How Some Colleges Are Fighting It.:

[T]thousands of students [are] reconsidering their college plans, in what many enrollment officials fear will be the worst season of “summer melt” in memory. Some are finding that they can no longer afford their first choice; others are questioning whether an online or hybrid education is worth the price of an in-person one. Some are staying home out of concerns for their health, or the health of family members.

In a national survey conducted this spring, one in six high-school seniors who before the pandemic expected to attend a four-year college full time said that they will choose a different path this fall. A majority expected either to take a gap year or enroll part time in a bachelor’s program (35 percent each), while smaller percentages planned to work or attend a community college.

In Florida, where the outbreak decimated the hospitality and retail sectors, one in four parents of high-school juniors and seniors reported that their child had changed their plans, a separate survey found.

As with many effects of this pandemic, the phenomenon is hitting people of color the hardest. More than 40 percent of minority high-school seniors have said it’s very likely they won’t go to college in the fall, or that it’s too soon to say, compared with 24 percent of white seniors. ...

Cultural factors could also contribute to this season’s potentially historic melt. Latino students, who tend to value close family ties, and often live in multigenerational households, may stay home to protect elderly relatives from infection

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I'd like to know how Asian and Jewish students are responding, but surprise, suprise, these arbitrary groupings of "white" and "students of color" are both useless and insulting.

Posted by: MM | Jul 28, 2020 7:16:40 PM

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