Paul L. Caron

Thursday, June 25, 2020

What Law Schools Must Do To Help Law Students With Mental Health And Substance Abuse Issues

David Grenardo (St. Mary's), You Are Not Alone: What Law Schools Must Do to Help Law Students With Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues, 10 HLRe: Off the Record 7 (2019):

Substance abuse and mental health issues remain pervasive in the legal profession and require a coordinated response to address those issues. This article discusses the crisis of mental health conditions and substance abuse afflicting law students and lawyers, and it provides practical, tangible solutions for law schools and law students to address the crisis. This article concludes that law schools must educate their law students to let them know they are not alone as many others are suffering as well, and these law students are not alone in their battle because law schools will support them vigorously.

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