Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Study Finds Minority Women Less Satisfied In Law School

Karen Sloan (, Study Finds Minority Women Less Satisfied in Law School:

Women Of Color

How are race relations on law school campuses?

The answer to that complex question depends on who you ask. A mere 40% of minority women students surveyed as part of a new study on their law school experience gave race relations on campus a positive rating. That figure was 70% among white male students.

That stark disparity is among the hundreds of data points compiled in “Women of Color–A Study of Law School Experiences,“ a joint research effort between the NALP Foundation and the University of Texas School of Law’s Center for Women in Law. The report claims to be the first in-depth look at how and where the law experience of minority women differs from that of their white and minority male classmates.

Researchers hope that the findings will spur law schools to examine their practices and find ways to better support their minority women students. That, in turn, may help bolster the number of women in the legal profession, they say.

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