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Friday, June 19, 2020

President's Niece Says She Was Source For NY Times' Investigation Of Trump's Taxes

Daily Beast, Revealed: The Family Member Who Turned on Trump:

The president’s niece Mary Trump is set to publish a tell-all this summer—and to reveal that she was a primary source for The New York Times’ investigation into Trump’s taxes.

Donald Trump’s niece, his deceased brother’s daughter, is set to publish a tell-all book this summer that will detail “harrowing and salacious” stories about the president, according to people with knowledge of the project.

Mary Trump, 55, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. and eldest grandchild of Fred Trump Sr., is scheduled to release Too Much And Never Enough on July 28, Simon & Schuster confirmed Monday, just weeks before the Republican National Convention.

One of the most explosive revelations Mary will detail in the book, according to people familiar with the matter, is how she played a critical role helping The New York Times print startling revelations about Trump’s taxes, including how he was involved in “fraudulent” tax schemes and had received more than $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire.

As she is set to outline in her book, Mary was a primary source for the paper's Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation, supplying Fred Trump Sr.’s tax returns and other highly confidential family financial documentation to the paper. 

New York Times, Trump’s Niece to Publish Book With ‘Harrowing’ Revelations:

Mary Trump will say that she was a source of The New York Times’s coverage of the president’s tax returns. The Times declined to comment on the claim.

Vanity Fair, Trump's Niece Leaked His Tax Secrets to the New York Times

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Interesting, I don't recall the leaked tax returns indicated "tax fraud". But it's amazingly ironic how many felonies have been committed over these past 4 years in the attempt to convince the public that Trump's the equivalent of Al Capone...

Posted by: MM | Jun 20, 2020 6:57:26 PM

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