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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Indiana Law School’s Innovative Fall 1L Program During COVID-19

Austen Parrish (Dean, Indiana), Indiana Law’s Fall 1L Program:

[A] committee of faculty leadership drafted, vetted, and presented to the faculty a first-year plan [In Person or Online: We Have a Plan For That] that meets the health-and-safety requirements set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the governor of the State of Indiana, and university administration. The plan is built around the idea that students have differing family, health, and other personal circumstances. Many of them will be comfortable coming to campus every day; others may need to take classes online.

I am pleased to report that what I describe here is what Maurer Law is rolling out this fall, as the plan was unanimously approved by faculty at our June 5 meeting.

The plan itself is straightforward. Instead of taking Torts, Civil Procedure, and Contracts throughout a 13-week semester, 1L students will take one course at a time in concentrated four-week blocks, with each block followed with a final exam. Small-section Legal Research and Writing courses will meet throughout the semester concurrently with the block courses, and so too will a one-credit online Legal Profession course.

Indiana 1L Schedule 2

Bill Henderson (Indiana):

Over the last couple of months, my colleagues have been faced with the twin forces of extreme risk and extreme necessity. And in every instance, they’ve responded with remarkable poise and creativity. Perhaps it’s true that it takes a crisis to fully appreciate the lawyer mindset. Regardless, I ‘m very grateful for the solutions being put forward at Indiana Law.

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