Paul L. Caron

Monday, June 29, 2020

College Fall 2020 Plans And U.S. News Rankings: Higher Ranked Schools Are More Likely Online, Lower Ranked Schools Are More Likely On-Ground

Andy Thomason (Chronicle of Higher Education), U.S. News Rankings and Fall Plans:

Green: plans that don't (yet) imagine on-campus instruction ("planning for online," "waiting to decide," "considering a range of scenarios")
Orange: some in-person and some online ("proposing a hybrid model")
Red: "Planning for in-person" ...

The top 20 were much more reticent to pledge a return to campus, as compared to institutions 81-100:

USN Fall 2020

Caveats Corner:

  • Our tracker is extremely useful but not perfect/can't capture every plan's nuance
  • Public vs. private, institutional wealth, campus size, location might be more telling variables
  • U.S. News, influential as it is, isn't a perfect measure of prestige

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