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Thursday, June 18, 2020

41% Of Grads Opposed Pass/Fail Law School Grading In Spring 2020

Karen Sloan (, Pass/Fail Grading in Law School Gets Mixed Marks From Students:

Recent law school graduates are split on whether the swift transition to pass/fail grades at most law campuses amid the COVID-19 pandemic this spring was a good move.

Among the nearly 200 law grads recently polled by Kaplan Test Prep, 48% said they supported pass/fail grading, while 41% said they opposed it. The remaining 11% were undecided about the change.

When COVID-19 forced law schools to quickly move online in late March and early April, the majority adopted mandatory pass/fail grading or gave students the option to have their grades issued as pass/fail. Law school administrators reasoned that the simplified grading scheme would reduce some of the pressure and anxiety law students were feeling at a time of uncertainty, and would level the playing field for students who were attending class and studying under challenging conditions.

Above the Law, The Cutthroat Nature Of Law School Means Pass/Fail Grades Aren’t Likely To Last Past The Pandemic

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The almost silent majority.

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