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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

NY Times: Is Supreme Court Headed For A Split Decision In Trump Tax Returns And Financial Records Cases?

Following up on yesterday's post, Supreme Court Hears Trump's Tax Return Cases:  New York Times, Supreme Court Hints at Split Decision in Two Cases on Obtaining Trump’s Financial Records:

Supreme Court (2018)The Supreme Court heard more than three hours of arguments on Tuesday on the powers of the presidency and whether they protect President Trump from the prosecutors and House committees seeking to obtain troves of information about his business affairs.

The court considered two sets of cases, and there was a strong possibility of a split decision.

A majority of the justices appeared skeptical of Mr. Trump’s argument, in response to a subpoena from the Manhattan district attorney, that he was absolutely immune from criminal investigation while he remained in office. But the court seemed more receptive to Mr. Trump’s argument that the three House committees had asked for too much information for reasons unrelated to their legislative responsibilities.

Should the court order release of the president’s tax returns and other financial information in response to the House subpoenas, the records would almost certainly be made public and voters could consider them in deciding whether to re-elect him in November. The records may provide insight into Mr. Trump’s business practices, foreign entanglements and hush-money payments.

But if the Manhattan prosecutors prevail, the records would not immediately be made public under the secrecy rules that apply to grand juries.

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If I were Trump, I'd issue an order for IRS to criminally investigate every Congressman and Senator, and Justice, contingent on the Supreme Court ruling against Trump in Mazars, following the same scavenger hunt standard and mentality that the N.Y. attorney general is employing.

Let the subpoenas fly! Fight fire with fire! No more games!

The same goes for FBI investigations. Start evesdropping on Biden's campaign! I heard he bad-touched Tara Reade because Russia asked him to! Start the wiretapping!!

Posted by: Anon | May 13, 2020 3:01:09 PM

* Correction: not Mazars, but rather Vance.

Posted by: Anon | May 13, 2020 3:10:46 PM

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