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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

First-Ever Open Book, Online Bar Exam Set For July

Following up on my previous post, July Bar Exam Update: Nevada:  Karen Sloan (, First-Ever Open Book, Online Bar Exam Set for July:

Nevada BarA third jurisdiction has moved its July bar exam online.

The Supreme Court of Nevada has ordered a reformatting of the state’s attorney licensing exam and called for it to be delivered remotely. It joins Indiana and Michigan in the move to an online test. But Nevada is taking a different tack by making its online test open book—a concession to the fact that it’s difficult to police test takers when they are in their own homes. It’s also keeping the test at two days, whereas Michigan and Indiana has reduced it down to one day.

“The [Nevada Board of Bar Examiners’] proposal adequately balances a number of important issues,” reads the court’s order May 20. “First, proceeding with a modified examination in July 2020 provides stability to applicants in uncertain times. Second, the proposal protects applicants and examination administrators by following COVID-19 social distancing requirements.”

ABA Journal, Since Remote MBE Won’t Be Available For July Bar, Nevada Plans For Essay-Based Test

TaxProf Blog coverage of the July 2020 bar exam:

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For all but one of my 41 years teaching I gave opened book exams. Why test in an environment that is alien to how we all practiced law. At Cravath partners and associateS alike regularly used books and other help to answer questions for clients. Most of us would consider not doing so akin to malpractice. Why should tests in a professional school be at odds with good practice techniques?

Posted by: Bill | May 28, 2020 7:04:13 AM