Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Call For 15 Pre-Recorded Presentations For CALIcon2020: Pandemic + Legal Education + Tech

CALI 2CALIcon2020 is putting out a brand new, clean slate Call For Speakers. We want you to do a 15 minute pre-recorded session on some topic related to Pandemic + Legal Education + Tech. This can be a screencast, interpretive dance, podcast, Zoom panel discussion – whatever you want, but you have to record it and upload it to us by Midnight on Friday, May 15, 2020.

We will choose 18 of these and assemble them into clusters of three presentations.

Conference Description:
We are in the midst of the largest distance learning experiment in legal education history. Everyone – faculty, students, Teknoids, law librarians, edtech folks — everyone — has experienced it differently and had to make adjustments or witnessed a rapid change. We want you to talk about that. How’d it go? Does this mean real, permanent change for legal education? What did you learn? If you could go back in time to December 2019, what advice would you give yourself? You get the idea.

For submission(s), click here. Deadline to submit is Friday, May 15, 2020.

Here are some topics I would really like to see people discuss - just to whet your whistles:

  • How did you use breakout rooms in Zoom and to what effect?
  • Debate: live online lecture vs. recorded lecture
  • What’s the best camera, lighting, laptop, setup for law faculty?
  • Best practices for rolling out loaner laptops
  • Things I would have done to prepare if I had time
  •      Faculty version
  •      Librarian version
  •      Teknoid version
  • How awesome was it to assign awesome CALI lessons?
  • Law student voices of the pandemic (yes, we want sessions from law students!)
  • Managing multiple communication channels - email, slack, chat, text, zoom, etc, etc.
  • How did law school IT handle bandwidth, security, streaming?
  • How did you engage with students beyond talking to a camera?

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