Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Boston University Probes Cheating On Online Exams During COVID-19

Boston Globe, BU Investigating Whether Students Cheated on Online Exams:

Boston UniversityBoston University is investigating whether some students in classes including chemistry and physics have cheated on quizzes and exams now that they are taking them online, far from campus and the watchful gaze of professors and teaching assistants.

The university has launched a probe into whether students used online resources, such as Chegg, a California-based company that provides tutoring services, to get answers to exams while taking them from their homes, according to BU officials.

The potential cheating scandal has sparked a flurry of messages in online chat rooms and has highlighted a potential flaw in this new, remote learning and testing environment that undergraduates and faculty members have been thrust into due to the pandemic. ...

Cheating has always been a problem for colleges, whether students bought term papers or illicitly shared the answers before a test. But COVID-19, which forced schools to quickly shut down dormitories and shift to online learning, has meant that the tests that professors would have administered in their classrooms and lecture halls are suddenly being taken remotely and with potentially greater access to banned outside help. The new environment may provide students with more opportunities to cheat.

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