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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

State Bar Tells California Supreme Court: Delay Or Cancel July Bar Exam

Bloomberg Law, California Bar Trustees Advise July Exam Be Delayed, or Scrapped:

California State Bar (2014)California’s main bar exam should be paused until September or provisional diploma privileges should be granted to law graduates, the California Bar’s Board of Trustees recommended.

The options were presented Tuesday to the state supreme court at a meeting about the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on law students facing jarring, last-minute uncertainties about credentials needed to begin their careers. A decision is expected later this month.

The trustees suggested a delay of the main bar exam from July 28-29 until Sept. 9-10, with options to hold it in-person or online. The so-called “baby bar” for students from schools not accredited by the bar, would be held online on its currently scheduled date of June 23.

Under a second scenario, both bars would be canceled with an option for the court to grant some type of “emergency diploma privilege” to allow law school graduates to begin practicing without first clearing test hurdles.

The board recommended that the court may wish to ask the state bar to convene a working group, which, according to a bar spokeswoman, would study “a provisional certification program for eligible individuals who have satisfied all requirements for admission other than passage of the bar exam.” They would work under the supervision of a licensed California attorney.

The Recorder, Postpone July Bar Exam or Cancel It, State Bar Tells Calif. Supreme Court

TaxProf Blog coverage of the July 2020 bar exam:

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If law school graduates and those who handle these exams can't cope with this virus, what good are they? Practicing law isn't easy. Are they going to cancel out with every little issue that arises in their careers?

Posted by: Mike Perry | Apr 15, 2020 6:16:20 AM