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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

July Bar Exam Update: ABA, Arizona, California, Florida, Tennessee, Vermont

Following up on my previous posts (links below):

CoronavirusABA Urges States That Cancel Bar Exams Due to COVID-19 to Consider Alternatives For Law Grads:

The American Bar Association Board of Governors approved a policy resolution late today that urges state licensing authorities to immediately adopt emergency rules that would authorize 2019 and 2020 law graduates who cannot take a bar exam because of the pandemic to engage in a limited practice of law under certain circumstances.

ABA Journal, ABA Board of Governors Backs Limited Practice for Recent Law School Grads as They Await Bar Exam

Supreme Court of Arizona:

Although some states have already postponed the July exam, we are currently planning to proceed with it. ... If it becomes necessary to postpone the July exam, we anticipate rescheduling in September or October of 2020. If it is not safe to give the test then, the exam will be cancelled. ...

Finally, we recognize that any delay in licensing could impact employment opportunities. For that reason, the Court has promulgated, on an emergency basis, amendments to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39(c). Rule 39(c) will permit law graduates to practice law, with limitations, under the supervision of an attorney and upon certification by this Court.

Committee of Bar Examiners Special Meeting on Apr. 10, 2020:

Action regarding Preparation and Administration of the June 2020 First-Year Law Students’ Examination and July 2020 California Bar Exam

Board of Trustees Meeting Notice and Agenda on Apr.14, 2020:

Consideration of Options for Preparation and Administration of the June 2020 First-Year Law Students' Examination and July 2020 California Bar Exam

Letter From All 12 Florida Law School Deans to Florida Supreme Court:

We propose that the existing Certified Legal Intern (CLI) program be expanded to permit candidates
who clear character and fitness investigation to practice law under supervision until they have the opportunity to pass the bar exam. ...

Should the Court decide not to expand the Certified Legal Intern program, we would ask that it consider allowing members of the Class of 2020 who successfully complete a period of supervised practice to seek admission to the bar without sitting for the bar examination.

Daily Business Review, Florida's Law School Deans Ask State Supreme Court to Offer September Bar Exam

Supreme Court Modifies Certain Provisions of Rule 7 Related to July 2020 Bar Exam

The Tennessee Supreme Court entered an Order today approving temporary changes to provisions of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7 to address ongoing concerns with the July 2020 bar exam in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bar exam is currently scheduled for July 28-29 and the Order provides some assurance to applicants.

The Court has extended the amount of time certain applicants will be able to practice pending bar examination results and the expiration of MPRE scores. Additionally, the Court has established a process for transfer of a July 2020 examination application to either a fall exam, if one is scheduled, or the February 2021 exam and has permitted the Board to offer a full refund of fees.

Administrative Order No. 49: Declaration of Judicial Emergency and Changes to Court Procedures:

The bar examination, currently scheduled by the NCBE for July 2020, will not be administered in Vermont at that time and is postponed to a later date.

Lawprofblawg (Anonymous Professor, Top 100 Law School), Just Take The Damn Bar Exam!!!!!

TaxProf Blog coverage of the July 2020 bar exam:

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