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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

All Of The Top 20 Law Schools Are Now Giving Mandatory Pass/Fail Grades This Semester After Reversals By Chicago, Georgetown, And Michigan

Karen Sloan (, Remaining 'T-14' Law Schools Yield to Mandatory Pass/Fail Pressure:

CoronavirusEvery law school in the so-called T-14 has now adopted mandatory pass/fail grading, as the handful of holdout schools announced revisions to their policies over the last three days.

The University of Chicago Law School on Monday informed students of the change—which comes less than three weeks after dean Thomas Miles angered many by announcing that the school would stick to its traditional grading system. ...

Both the University of Michigan Law School and Georgetown University Law Center initially told students that they would have the option to have their grades converted to pass/fail at the end of the semester, but each in recent days has made pass/fail grades mandatory.

“There’s always a temptation to stick with a decision in the interest of finality, but sometimes that would mean foregoing the best option in the face of new facts,” Michigan law dean Mark West wrote in an email to students Friday night about the new grading policy.

Above the Law, Top Law School Changes Course On Grading Policy, Gets With The Program; Pass/Fail Is the Way for Law Schools to Deal With COVID-19

According to this list, all of the Top 20, and all but six of the Top 50, have shifted to mandatory pass/fail grades for this COVID-19 semester.

Top 20
Top 21-50

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