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Monday, March 30, 2020

Massachusetts Joins New York In Postponing July Bar Exam

Following up on Saturday's post, New York Postpones July Bar Exam To Fall; Students Demand Emergency Diploma Privilege To Practice Law:  Boston Globe, Mass. Bar Exam For Law School Grads Postponed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic:

CoronavirusThe Massachusetts bar exam for newly minted law school graduates will be postponed from July to the fall amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the state Supreme Judicial Court and Board of Bar Examiners.

The two entities confirmed the delay in a statement Monday. The two-day exam, which law school graduates must pass to practice in Massachusetts, was initially scheduled for July 28 and July 29. It’s been rescheduled for the fall on “dates to be determined,” the statement said. ...

“In the event that limitations on large gatherings continue to interfere with a fall administration of the Massachusetts bar examination, alternative means for testing of applicants for Massachusetts bar admission will be devised and announced,” the statement said.

TaxProf Blog coverage of the July 2020 bar exam:

For complete TaxProf Blog coverage of the coronavirus, see here.

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There shouldn't be a rush to become like me, Massachusetts 3Ls. Sorry to say, but there ain't going to be much future for any of you. The Harvard grads will be OK, maybe half the BU and BC grads might find a salary over $50k, and everyone else is facing an existential threat. Oh, and by the time you pass the bar, the blank space on your resume will doom your career. Just as the legions of Great Recession-era law grads found that their sell-by date could be measured practically in weeks, so will this crop.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Mar 30, 2020 12:00:50 PM