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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Report Reveals Lack Of Black Faculty, Student Bias At Penn State

Daily Collegian, ‘More Rivers To Cross’ Report Reveals Lack of Black Faculty, Student Bias at Penn State:

Penn State 5To biobehavioral health professor Gary King, an in-depth report highlighting the various obstacles many African American professors have faced at Penn State over the last 15 years raised the question, “Are we really all in?”

King hopes to bring this question to light among the community by sharing the “More Rivers To Cross” report, prepared by himself and African American studies associate professor Darryl Thomas.

The 93-page report examines issues spanning from representation and tenure to student evaluations and administrative opportunities.

The report operates on a variety of scales — examining issues at predominantly white universities through a nationwide lens and demonstrating how these issues are relevant to the Penn State community.

Penn State

Penn State 2

Centre Daily Times, ‘Penn State Can and Must Do Better.’ Report on Black Faculty Shows Inequity in Hiring, Retention:

Over the span of 15 years, King and Thomas found, the number of full-time black faculty at Penn State decreased from 105 to 103, or 1.9%, according to the Penn State Factbook. Another source, the Penn State Office of Planning an Assessment, showed the number black faculty only grew by 2.9%, from 109 to 112 during that time.

In 2018, there were 3,474 full-time faculty employed at University Park, according to the Penn State Factbook.

Inside Higher Ed, Report Finds Biases in Hiring Black Faculty at Penn State

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If i read the second graph correctly, it appears that black professors are suffering from the same problem as the professoriate in general: tenure-track folks flatten or trend down while adjuncts, lecturers, visitors etc. skyrocket.

Posted by: Sallad | Feb 21, 2020 9:37:43 AM