Paul L. Caron

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Oregon Law School Will Waive LSAT For Oregon Undergrads With 3.5 UGPA, 85th Percentile SAT (1290) / ACT (27)

Daily Emerald, UO School of Law Will Now Waive LSAT For Some UO Students:

Oregon Law School (2020)University of Oregon students with a 3.5 GPA upon graduation and an SAT or ACT score in the top 85th percentile will not be required to take the Law School Admissions Test to apply to the UO School of Law. 

Currently, 14% of UO law school students are“double ducks,” or UO undergraduate alums, according to Assistant Dean of Admissions Sarah Keiski, who spearheaded the policy change to increase the pipeline of UO undergraduates into the law school. ...

Under American Bar Association rules, schools are allowed to admit 10 percent of their class without requiring an LSAT score. The ABA typically requires the LSAT because it acts as an indicator to how well law school graduates will perform on the bar exam. UO will use the SAT and ACT scores to look for this same level of competence on standardized testing, according to Keiski. The GPA will gauge the applicants’ strength in academics.

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Generally, SAT/ACT tracks the LSAT pretty closely. I can't find any real problem here.

Posted by: Anon | Feb 2, 2020 11:21:32 AM