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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Michigan Law School Alum Revokes Planned $2 Million Bequest

Michigan Live, University of Michigan Law School Alum Revokes Planned $2 Million Bequest:

Michigan Law Logo (2015)A University of Michigan Law School graduate says he’s revoking a planned donation of $2 million after he said the university did not use a previous donation consistent with his intent.

Lance J. Johnson, a 1965 graduate of UM Law School, made a $150,000 donation that he said was to go toward an annual legal seminar to study the feasibility of appointing independent legal counsel for children involved in custody disputes. But Johnson said the law school only “sporadically” held the workshop. ...

“The University of Michigan Law School (misled) me about how they would spend my more than $150,000 donation,” Johnson said in the news release. “... I have no other choice but to revoke the additional $2 million gift that was to be paid upon my passing.”

UM spokesperson Kim Broekhuizen said Johnson signed a gift agreement with the university in 2007, documenting a commitment of $200,000 to establish the Lance J. Johnson Fund. She added the university is confident it has honored its commitment to Johnson and used the funds appropriately.

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