Paul L. Caron

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Before Closing, Concordia University Submits Layoff Notices For All Law School Faculty And Staff; Dean Works To Affiliate With New University To Keep School Open And Preserve Jobs

Following up on Wednesday's post, Law School Fights For Survival Amid Parent University's Closure:  Idaho Statesman, Concordia U. Letter Says All Workers Will Lose Jobs. Here’s What Boise Law Dean Says:

Concordia Logo (2018)Concordia University in Portland has notified Oregon officials that all of its employees will be laid off as the university closes, including its 12 full-time professors, 20 other staff members, 48 part-time faculty members and 17 part-time student workers at Concordia’s Boise law school.

But the law school dean says that’s not so.

In a letter dated Wednesday, the Lutheran university notified the Oregon Dislocated Worker Unit and the city of Portland of the layoffs. The university told students and staff on Monday that it will close its doors at the end of spring term, after 115 years.

At the same time, the school said it was in discussions to keep the School of Law in Boise operating.

In a statement emailed to the Idaho Statesman on Friday, interim Concordia Law School Dean Latonia Haney Keith said the filing of the notification by Concordia “is standard practice” and in accordance with the law for colleges or universities announcing shutdowns.

“I am on record in stating our intention that there be no layoffs of faculty or staff at Concordia School of Law because we are, in fact, in serious and productive talks with a new parent institution,” Haney Keith said. “Additionally, I have advised Concordia Law faculty and staff that there are no layoffs in the immediate future nor when we move forward in our affiliation with a new parent institution.”

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