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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Muller: A Small But Rising Cohort Of GRE Law School Admissions

Following up on my previous post, ABA 509 Report Data: Non-LSAT (GRE) Applicants Up 20%: Derek Muller (Pepperdine), A Small But Rising Cohort of GRE Law School Admissions:

Muller GREIn 2019, no-LSAT admissions rose from 168 to 384—more than doubling from the previous year, which more than doubled the year before. Undoubtedly, on the rise.

Whoa, cowboy! That’s a data spike! But… not really. In fact, my first chart is probably pretty deceptive.

You see, 384 admissions among 37,873 matriculants represents just 1% of all law school admissions. Still a small number—but rising. ...

Even though GRE admissions still represent a very small percentage of overall admissions, only a few dozen law schools accept the GRE. That means GRE admissions are disproportionately concentrated at a few law schools. Last year, I noted that Arizona had about 15% of its class as GRE admissions, and Harvard and Georgetown around 2% or 3% of the class. Several classes are above 5% this year: Alabama (8 non-LSAT admissions), Arizona (17), BYU (16), Kent (12), Georgetown (48!), Georgia (19), Harvard (43!), Hawaii (12), Northwestern (27), St. John’s (13), and Buffalo (8).

Indeed, these 11 schools are more than half of all non-LSAT admissions.

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