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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

BYU To Host 2nd Annual National Storytelling Competition For Law Students

Following up on my previous post:  From Gordon Smith (Dean, BYU):

BYU Law (2020)I mentioned this time last year that my colleagues at BYU Law and I have been exploring the value and importance of story in our lives and the lives of our students. The deeper I delve into the study of story, the more I am convinced that it is a necessary part of legal education. That conviction has been borne out as our students have received clerkship interviews, job offers, fellowships, and other awards and rewards as a result of skilled storytelling.

I invite your students to participate again with ours in LawStories on the Mainstage, a national storytelling event hosted by BYU Law. We had excellent participation last year with law students from 29 schools submitting stories and 9 of the 10 finalists representing different law schools.

As was the case last year, participants are asked to submit a nonfiction narrative of 1000-1500 words that ties together their life and the law. This is an opportunity for law students across the country to meld law, personal experience, and the art of storytelling in written and oral form.

A panel of judges will select ten stories from among the submissions. Storytellers selected from other schools will be awarded a trip to visit us here in Utah in order to participate in the culminating Mainstage events. Each of those storytellers will present their stories at BYU LawStories on the Mainstage, a public storytelling event to be held on our campus. Before their presentations, they will receive a half-day seminar on storytelling taught by Sam Payne, who hosts a national radio show on storytelling. At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will record their stories for broadcast at the BYU Radio studios. ...

We have some storytelling training materials, including those contributed by The Leadership Story Lab, available through the BYU Legal Storytelling Project website. A recording of last year’s Mainstage event can be found using the same link.

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