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Thursday, January 2, 2020

ABA 509 Report Data: Applications

Following up on my previous posts on the ABA's release of the 509 reports for every law school (links below): Mike Spivey, An In-Depth Analysis of the 2019 Law School Admissions & Entering Class Data:

It's also worth noting the small decline in applications last cycle defied the overall increase in applicants.

Spivey 4

88 schools saw an increase in the number of applicants, while 112 saw a decline in the number of applicants.

It's not immediately clear what caused this decline in the number of applications submitted by each applicant, which went from 6.37 to 6.08. Generally we would have expected that applicants, in the wake of 2017-2018's competitive cycle, would apply more widely to give themselves the best possible chance of a desirable outcome. It's possible that increased application and LSAC fees deterred applicants from applying as broadly as they had the prior cycle. It could also be a random fluctuation. Thus far this cycle the trend has reversed, and applications per applicant have increased. We'll see how things look at the end of the year.

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