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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Belmont Law School Supports 'Independent Review' Of Student Pregnancy Discrimination Claims

The Tennessean, Belmont Law School to Support 'Independent Review' of Student Pregnancy Discrimination Claims:

Belmont Logo (2019)Belmont University's law school will support an independent review into complaints of pregnancy discrimination by current and former female students that were first reported Monday by the Belmont Vision, a student-led campus newspaper. 

Juliana Lamar told The Tennessean Wednesday she approached law school administrators as soon as she learned she was pregnant last year to ask whether she could get a medical accommodation should she need to miss any of her classes. 

Lamar said she was told "no," with her only options to take a leave of absence or risk failing.

Under the law school's attendance policy, students who miss 15% of class time will automatically fail.

Lamar returned to class a week after her son was delivered by C-section in October 2018 while experiencing pain and fatigue out of fear of missing class time. ...

Lamar's was one of four stories chronicled by the Belmont Vision on Monday. On Tuesday, Belmont's communications office issued a statement calling into question the womens' accounts, saying "these situations are far more complex than what was included in the initial reporting."

The College of Law "strongly refutes any allegation that the well-being of our students is not our number one priority," the statement said. "We are committed to thoroughly reviewing the conflicting accounts of these situations to determine the next appropriate steps and to seek ways to better clarify our commitment to student welfare and success.

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