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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

ABA 509 Report Data: Non-LSAT (GRE) Applicants Up 20%

Following up on my previous posts on the ABA's release of the 509 reports for every law school (links below): Mike Spivey, An In-Depth Analysis of the 2019 Law School Admissions & Entering Class Data:

As many of you undoubtedly know, the GRE is being accepted at a growing number of US law schools.  Last cycle ended with 2,354 non-LSAT applicants, an increase of about 20% over the prior cycle. It's reasonable to conclude that the bulk of this growth came from those using a GRE score to apply.

56 law schools reported accepting at least one non-LSAT applicant for their fall 2019 entering class. Here are the top ten in percentage of their incoming class made up of non-LSAT students:

Spivey 2

So far this cycle, the number of non-LSAT applicants is relatively flat. We'll see what happens with matriculants.

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