Paul L. Caron

Friday, November 8, 2019

Trump's Taxes And Tax Returns

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This is seriously disgusting. None of this would be taking place if Trump had lost or remained a Democrat. Also, doesn't New York already have his tax information? What is the purpose of a subpoena for information already in the custody of the state government?

Posted by: Anon | Nov 8, 2019 10:43:15 AM

Then again, if Trump had never ran for President in the first place--in which all presidential candidates for decades have released their tax returns--nor continually to promise to release his returns, we would also not be in this current situation.

Posted by: Anon E. Mouse | Nov 9, 2019 10:00:30 AM

"Doesn't NY have his tax information?" No. Surprised you didn't see this on Tax Prof:

Posted by: Gerald Scorse | Nov 9, 2019 3:48:06 PM

The only way NY doesn't already have his tax information is if he didn't file a NY state tax return.

Posted by: Anon | Nov 11, 2019 11:58:17 AM

"Doesn't NY have his tax information?" Not the information that the prosecutor wants, which includes financial statements, working papers, memoranda, source documents, non-NY returns, engagement letters, etc.

Posted by: tu phat | Nov 11, 2019 5:18:17 PM