Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

JD Not Necessary For Legal Ops Leaders, Experts Say, JD Not Necessary for Legal Ops Leaders, Experts Say:

Experts say the number of legal operations leaders who do not have law degrees is increasing, with little downside to having someone without a juris doctor lead the function.

“There is a recognition that legal operations do not have to be led by a lawyer. Often it is better if it is not led by a lawyer. It could be a finance professional or a technology professional or even an MBA,” Robin Snasdell, managing director at Consilio LLC, said. “It’s not just lawyers that in-house legal departments need.”

Mary O’Carroll, director of legal operations at Google and president of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, and Catherine J. Moynihan, executive director of the Association of Corporate Counsel legal operations, separately told Corporate Counsel that roughly half of legal operations leaders do not have a J.D. Neither group has done a formal study on the subject.

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