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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Administration Considers Changing 'Carey Law' Back To 'Penn Law' After Student Backlash

Following up on my previous posts:

Daily Pennsylvanian, Admin Considers Changing 'Carey Law' Back to 'Penn Law' After Student Backlash:

Carey Law School is considering changing its shortened name back to "Penn Law" from "Carey Law" in response to overwhelming student and alumni backlash, an administrator said at a town hall meeting Monday.

Carey Law Dean of Students Felicia Lin, along with three other administrators, held an hour-and-a-half lunch Q&A session on Monday for any law students concerned about the school's renaming. The meeting comes after more than 1,500 students and alumni signed a petition demanding the school revert its short-form name from "Carey Law" back to "Penn Law," arguing that employers will not recognize the new name. ...

Several "Penn Law is now Carey Law" banners were unfurled on posts outside several law school buildings during the afternoon meeting and were taken down as of the evening. ...

Dean Ted Ruger and Carey Law administrators are considering various options for the acceptable short-form names and their appearance on the website. ...

[S]tudents in the crowd became “increasingly resentful” and rowdier as the meeting went on, shouting down the administrators' responses with frustration. The crowd clapped and cheered after the students speaking made good points.

Students during the meeting also wanted a more concrete breakdown of how the money donated will be spent., 'Penn Law' Eyes Compromise Amid Outcry Over Name Change

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Wow, those students are pretty bright!

They don’t want to sully their CVs/resumes, speaker introductions, etc., with that monstrosity of a law school name??

Sounds like the law students need a cut of that chunk of change them law professors got or will get (one way or another)!

Posted by: Anon | Nov 15, 2019 7:31:52 PM