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Sunday, October 13, 2019

UC-Davis/ACTEC Symposium: An Empirical Analysis Of Wealth Transfer Law

The UC Davis Law Review hosted its 53rd annual symposium on Friday on An Empirical Analysis of Wealth Transfer Law,  co-sponsored by the ACTEC Foundation (call for papers here): 

ACTEC-UCDavis (2019)Panel #1: Marriage

  • David Horton (UC-Davis) (moderator)
  • Naomi Cahn (George Washington), What's Wrong about the Elective Share Right
    Commentator: Shayak Sarkar (UC-Davis)
  • Alyssa DiRusso (Samford), Using Empirical Data on the Widowhood Effect to Optimize Simultaneous Health Law and Drafting
    Commentator: Andrea Chandrasekher (UC-Davis)
  • Russell James (Texas Tech), Empirical Analysis of Charitable Bequest Transfers: A Comprehensive Review, New Findings, and the Emerging Potential of Longitudinal Data
  • Jeffrey Pennell (Emory), Individuated Determination of a Surviving Spouse's Elective Share

Panel #2: Research Using Probate Records

  • Adam Hirsch (San Diego) (moderator)
  • Bridget Crawford (Pace), What Probate Courts Cite: A Study of the New York County Surrogate's Court 2017-2018
    Commentator: Donna Shestowsky (UC-Davis)
  • David Horton (UC-Davis), Do-It-Yourself-Wills
    Commentator: Alexander Boni-Saenz (Chicago-Kent)
  • Alberto Lopez (Alabama), Antebellum and Postbellum Testamentary Transfers in Three Kentucky Counties
  • Reid Kress Weisbord (Rutgers), Fiduciary Authority and Liability in Probate Estates: An Empirical Analysis
    Commentator: Jane Baron (Temple)

Panel #3: Nonprobate Transfers, Estate Planning, and Intestacy

  • David Horton (UC-Davis) (moderator)
  • Adam Hirsch (San Diego), Waking the Dead: An Empirical Analysis of Revival of Wills
  • Adam Hofri-Winogradow (Hebrew University), The Statutory Liberalization of Trust Law Across 152 Jurisdictions: Leaders, Laggards and the Market in Fiduciary Services
    Commentator: Christopher Elmendorf (UC-Davis)
  • Emily Taylor Poppe (UC-Irvine), Surprised by the Inevitable; An Empirical Examination of National Estate Planning Behavior
    Commentator: Menesh Patel (UC-Davis)
  • Gary Spitko (Santa Clara), How Should Will Substitutes Matter in Intestacy? A Qualitative Study (with Mary Louise Fellows (Minnesota))
  • Danaya Wright (Florida), What Happened to Grandma's House: The Real Property Implications of Dying Intestate

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