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Thursday, October 3, 2019

ABA Tax Section Fall Meeting

The ABA Tax Section kicks off its three-day joint fall meeting with the ABA Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section today in San Francisco. The full program is here. The highlight is:

ABA 2Teaching Taxation: Technology-Driven Trends in Tax Law Training
This panel explores the changing ways in which lawyers can, and are expected to, train themselves to excel in tax practice in an age of pervasive technology. Formal law firm training of associates is less common than before the Great Recession. Clients no longer are willing to subsidize the training of new associates. Tax associates must arrange to train themselves, outside their full-time, billable work obligations. The panel will discuss various training options (including residential and online LLM programs, online courses, webinars, podcasts, and mixed programs) by which tax lawyers can create a solid foundation for their tax practice and expand their knowledge into new tax subspecialties. These training options employ a range of pedagogical approaches, reflecting ongoing study and experimentation in online learning. The panel will highlight educational best practices, based on learning theory. In addition, the Panel will explore parameters by which lawyer-consumers of such training and employer-firms can assess the success of various training options.

  • Leslie Book (Villanova)
  • Steven Dean (NYU)
  • Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama)
  • Heather Field (UC-Hastings) (moderator)
  • Samuel Greenberg (EY, Los Angeles)
  • Michael Hunter Schwartz (McGeorge)
  • Ryan Montgomery (Morgan Lewis, Boston)
  • Annette Nellen (San José)
  • Katherine Pratt (Loyola-L.A.)

Other Tax Profs with speaking roles include:

  • Administrative Practice: Frank Colella (Pace)
  • Administrative Practice and Court Procedure & Practice: Kristin Hickman (Minnesota)
  • Affiliated & Related Corporations: Don Leatherman (Tennessee)
  • Closely Held Businesses and Business Planning Group:  Annette Nellen (San Jose State)
  • Diversity:  Francine Lipman (UNLV)
  • Employee Benefits Distributions Update: Kathryn Kennedy (UIC John Marshall)
  • Exempt Organizations:  Chris Hoyt (UMKC)
  • Free File: A Failed Public-Private Partnership?:  Leslie Book (Villanova), Dennis Ventry Jr. (UC-Davis)
  • Individual & Family Taxation: Leslie Book (Villanova), Sam Brunson (Loyola-Loyola-Chicago), Timothy Todd (Liberty)
  • LLCs and LLPs Subcommittee of Partnerships & LLCs: Walter Schwidetzky (Baltimore)
  • Pro Bono & Tax Clinics: Christine Speidel (Villanova) 
  • Sales, Exchanges & Basis: Roberta Mann (Oregon), Annette Nellen (San Jose State) 
  • Tax Bridge on the Road: Erin Stearns (Denver)
  • Tax Policy & Simplification: Mona Hymel (Arizona), Michael Lang (Chapman), Roberta Mann (Oregon), Annette Nellen (San Jose State), Walter Schwidetzky (Baltimore)
  • Transfer Pricing: Lorraine Eden (Texas A&M), Young Ran (Christine) Kim (Utah)

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