Paul L. Caron

Saturday, September 7, 2019

This Week's Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

  1. Wall Street Journal, The Collapse Of The Income And Wealth Inequality Argument
  2. Inside Higher Ed, Secret Presidential Searches And Faculty Fury
  3. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: Charity Used To Gin Up Business Loses Tax Exemption
  4. Bryce Clayton Newell (Kentucky), 2019 Meta-Ranking of Flagship U.S. Law Reviews
  5. Eugene Fama (University of Chicago; Nobel Laureate in Economics), Property Tax = Income Tax On Housing
  6. Best Choice Schools, The 50 Most Impressive Law School Buildings in the World
  7. Palma Joy Strand (Creighton) & Nicholas Mirkay (Hawaii), Racialized Tax Inequity: Wealth, Racism, and The U.S. System of Taxation
  8. Online Paralegal Programs, The 30 Most Fun Law Schools
  9. Jeff Hoopes (North Carolina), Welcome to Our New Blog, Write-Off: The Tax Blog
  10. Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education, College Rankings

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