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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Polsky Presents Two Tax Papers Today At Florida

Polsky (2018)Gregg Polsky (Georgia) presents two papers today at Florida:

There's a Problem With Buybacks, But It's Not What Senators Think, 162 Tax Notes 765 (Feb. 18, 2019) (with Daniel Hemel (Chicago)), as part of the Tax Colloquium Series:

In a deeply divided Washington, one of the few issues on which leading lawmakers on both sides of the aisle appear to agree is that corporations should be discouraged from buying back their stock from shareholders. This short article argues that, while this anti-buyback sentiment is misguided, there nevertheless are good tax policy arguments for reforming the tax treatment of buybacks. The article recommends adoption of a 1969 proposal made by Professor Marvin Chirelstein that would recharacterize (for tax purposes) buybacks as a pro rata cash dividend, followed by sales of shares from the shareholders who participate in the buyback to the shareholders who do not.

Taxing Residential Solar as part of the Marshall M. Criser Distinguished Lecture and Workshop Series (with Ethan Yale (Virginia)):

Residential solar systems are becoming commonplace in many regions of the United States. Use of such systems raises issues in tax doctrine and policy that are not well appreciated and have not yet been systematically analyzed. The goals of this article are threefold: (1) to identify the main issues and to organize them into a coherent framework, (2) to analyze the doctrinal and policy ramifications of present law, and (3) to suggest improvements to present law.

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