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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Emory Investigating Reports That Two More Law Profs Used N-Bomb In Class

Following up on my previous post, Tenured Emory Law Prof Suspended For Using N-Bomb Faces Firing By University Faculty Committee At Oct. 4 Hearing:, Emory Investigating Reports That 2 More Law Profs Used Racial Slur in Class:

Emory Law (2018)Emory University is investigating reports of two new incidents in which adjunct law professors reportedly used a racial slur in class, a spokeswoman for the university said Friday.

“During one of the instances, after a student raised concern about the necessity of using the word, the professor apologized, and the class continued,”’ Laura Diamond, assistant vice president of communications and public affairs, said Friday. “The university is looking into both incidents. Emory remains committed to upholding the principles of equity, inclusion, and respect that all members of community embrace and value.”

Diamond said both incidents reportedly occurred Sept. 9. ...

The alleged Sept. 9 incidents follow one that surfaced last year, which resulted in the indefinite suspension of law professor Paul Zwier, who was also barred from campus for twice uttering the epithet. ...

Emory’s Faculty Hearing Committee is scheduled to hold a closed-door hearing on the matter Oct. 4 to consider Zwier’s request for reinstatement and a separate request to revoke his tenure. James Hughes Jr., the former acting law school dean who suspended Zwier before stepping down in July, has asked the committee to strip Zwier of his tenure and fire him.

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Why don't they do something about the massive inequality in their city instead of this essentially symbolic obsession?

Posted by: Mike Livingston | Sep 19, 2019 4:12:11 AM