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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Judge Tosses Another Whistleblower Suit Against For-Profit Law School Chain, Judge Tosses Another Whistleblower Suit Against For-Profit Law School Chain:

InfiLaw (2017)For-profit law school operator InfiLaw Corp. has dodged a third whistleblower lawsuit claiming it defrauded the federal government and deceived students.

A federal judge in Florida on Monday dismissed a qui tam suit brought by two former employees of the now-closed Arizona Summit Law School that claimed, among other things, that InfiLaw administrators conspired with bar preparation outfit BarBri to make sure that the Phoenix law school was in compliance with a rule that no more than 90% of it funds were derived from federal student loans.

In a 58-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard of the Middle District of Florida ruled that many of the plaintiffs’ claims of wrongdoing by InfiLaw and its three law schools were barred in court because they had already been disclosed in the media through articles and blog posts critical of the schools’ practices. Moreover, Howard found the allegations brought by Paula Lorona and Reid Potter to be too vague to overcome the defendants’ motions to dismiss. ...

InfiLaw has prevailed in each of three whistleblower suits brought by former employees in recent years. Former Arizona Summit law professors Celia Rumann and Michael O’Connor, who were fired, voluntarily dismissed their qui tam suit in February 2018 after the government declined to intervene. And in November, another federal judge in Florida tossed former Charlotte School of Law professor Barbara Bernier’s whistleblower suit, also finding that her claims were too vague and too similar to the two previously filed suits. (The government also passed on joining Bernier’s suit.)

Jax Daily Record, Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against InfiLaw and Florida Coastal

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