Paul L. Caron

Saturday, August 17, 2019

How Online Degrees Can Advance Worker Careers In A Shifting Economy

EdSurge, How Online Degrees Can Advance Worker Careers in a Shifting Economy:

If you’re wondering why online learning is booming, take a look at the latest U.S. Department of Labor data showing heightened demand for skilled workers. Those with an undergraduate or advanced degree now represent about 40 percent of the nation’s workforce, while those with just a high school diploma have slipped in the last 25 years from more than a third to about a quarter of American workers.


The graph is a vivid illustration of the present condition of economic life in America. The nation has been fiercely transformed into a post-industrial society in which accelerating technology has cast off large numbers of factory laborers, but hasn’t created enough new jobs in the service sector or in information-based roles to fill the gap. ...

[F]or workers with a high school diploma eager to move up, the labor department trends show that studying online to earn a degree is a good bet.

Hat Tip: Jason Jarvis.)

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