Paul L. Caron

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Field: An Introduction To Tax Careers for JDs

Heather M. Field (UC-Hastings), An Introduction to Tax Careers for J.D.s, ABA Tax Times, Vol. 38, No. 3, p. 30 (Spring 2019):

To many people, the tax field seems like a very narrow niche. The tax profession does require specialized expertise, but tax professionals know that there is actually great diversity in the career paths available to law school graduates. Yet for law students and junior lawyers interested in the tax field, it can be difficult to appreciate the range of possible tax careers and to distinguish between what different tax practitioners do. Thus, to help aspiring tax professionals easily understand the range of tax careers they might pursue, this article offers a 3-pronged framework for describing tax careers available to J.D.s.

There are some more comprehensive resources available to help aspiring tax professionals plan their careers, but many law students and junior lawyers who are just beginning to consider the possibility of pursuing tax could benefit from a concise and accessible introduction to tax law careers. That is what this article provides.

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What a terrific resource. I'll be sharing this with my students.

Posted by: Jeremy Bearer-Friend | Aug 22, 2019 10:28:54 AM