Paul L. Caron

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dad, Did You Achieve All Your Life Goals?

Wall Street Journal op-ed:  Dad, Did You Achieve All Your Life Goals?, by Warren Kozak:

I don’t often get a question that stops me in my tracks. But on a recent vacation, my daughter and I had the rare opportunity to sit down and talk in a relaxed setting. We’re at very different stages in our lives. She is 21, going into her senior year of college with the whole world in front of her. I’m 68—most of my friends are retiring.

She turned to me at dinner and asked if I had met the goals I set for myself when I was her age. ...

After sleeping on it, I told her the next morning that I was surprised to find what I consider my greatest accomplishments today are not even remotely close to what I might have imagined back then.

None of my professional achievements are anywhere near the top of the list, and that shocked me.

What I am most proud of is standing by her mother through a long illness that eventually took her life—being a faithful husband and, I hope, a good father. ... The Ten Commandments are not part of the curriculum in public schools anymore, and that’s a shame. I have great pride in having violated them as infrequently as possible.

But I advised her that I am still a work in progress and could mess up royally before it’s all over. I added that it’s a great question, but you have to grow into the answer.

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