Paul L. Caron

Friday, June 7, 2019

What The NBA Finals Can Teach About Passing The Bar Exam

NBAD. Daniel Sokol (Florida), What the NBA Finals Can Teach About Effective Results in Bar Prep:

The NBA is a nice case study of how to study for the bar exam. To make it to the NBA, you need to have talent. At 6’3, I cannot dunk or crossover dribble but a law professor career is longer than that of an NBA player so I am not complaining. Yet, for the Warriors and Raptors to have made it to the finals they needed a lot more than just freakish talent (Steph Curry and your 92% free throw shooting – I mean you). Most of the “action” takes place not on game day but in countless hours of practice and strategy sessions. Players go through drills daily, memorize plays, learn to break down an opponents’ game, and find ways to exploit opportunities. This is a lot like the bar exam.

Just like playing in the NBA finals, taking the bar exam is an all or nothing experience – you either win or lose. To improve your chances at winning:

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