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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Trial Judge Reverses, Wendi Adelson Will Face Defense Questioning In Dan Markel Murder Case

MarkelFollowing up on Monday's post, Should Judge Allow Defendants In Dan Markel Murder Trial To Depose Wendi Adelson To Preclude Possible Reversal In Post-Conviction Appeal?:

Tallahassee Democrat, Judge Reverses, Wendi Adelson Will Face Defense Questioning In Dan Markel Murder Case:

Dan Markel’s ex-wife will be subject to questioning by the attorneys of a woman accused of brokering the killing of the Florida State law professor after a judge reversed course on his own order.

Leon Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson on Monday agreed to a motion by Katherine Magbanua’s defense team that he reconsider a protective order granted to Wendi Adelson, Markel's former wife, whose family has been implicated in but not charged in his 2014 murder.

Defense attorneys subpoenaed Adelson, who invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. But her attorney, John Lauro, said she wanted to avoid disparaging remarks made by another Markel murder suspect.

Hankinson's reversal means Adelson is now subject to a defense subpoena and could be required to attend a deposition. She could still invoke her right against self-incrimination on individual questions.

Adelson was set to testify at trial under a government subpoena that would have given her immunity. It was suggested she would speak about events leading up to the murder, including the couple’s acrimonious divorce.

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Ratchet goin' down. Ratchet gonna sing once convicted.

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