Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

University Of Luxembourg Hosts Seminar Today On International Tax Developments: Cross-Atlantic Perspectives

LuxThe University of Luxembourg hosts a seminar today on International Tax Developments: Cross-Atlantic Perspectives:

  • Yariv Brauner (Florida), The Digital Tax Future in the U.S. and the EU
  • Leandra Lederman (Indiana), Tax Rulings and Transparency: "Taxpayers sometimes seek advance tax rulings to obtain certainty regarding the tax treatment of planned transactions. The transparency of these rulings, including Advance Pricing Agreements regarding intra-company transfer pricing, has changed significantly in the past several years. One of the triggers for change was the 2014 “LuxLeaks” scandal, revealing what the press sometimes termed “secret tax deals” between the Luxembourg tax authority and multinational companies. Since then, legal changes require tax authorities to share cross-border advance rulings with other countries’ tax authorities. In addition, Luxembourg has formalized and modified its rulings practice. This paper examines what these legal changes have meant for Luxembourg and the United States, and whether the current level of rulings transparency is appropriate and sufficient."
  • David Rosenbloom (NYU), U.S. International Tax Reform and its Global Impact

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