Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Best LL.M. Programs

International JuristThe Best LL.M. Programs, The International Jurist (2019):

To identify the best LL.M. programs, we looked to see which schools place a premium on four key areas: the law school experience; career assistance; value; and academics. We asked the more than 150 schools with LL.M. programs for foreign attorneys to respond to a survey to offer insight into their offerings. ...

The Law School Experience.  This category looks at several factors, including whether students can work on law journals and participate in clinics, whether the school provides mentors, the number of extracurricular offerings, the level of involvement with U.S. students, networking opportunities, organized excursions and what the law school does to help LL.M. students adjust to the U.S. and the school. ...


Value. We assessed net cost, which is tuition and housing minus scholarships, and weighed that against the school’s performance in the Law School Experience category.


Career.  To assess the Career category, we looked at whether the school has a dedicated career counselor for LL.M. students, as well as looking at employment rates, networking opportunities and whether students can participate in clinics and externships.


Academics.  [We looked at the] percentage of faculty members with international experience ... since teachers who have lived abroad can better relate to LL.M. students. We also looked at the percentage of tenured professors who teach LL.M. students. Some schools may use adjuncts, who may not have as much experience when it comes teaching foreign students.


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